Sunday, December 12, 2010


We've been living in Tasmania's beautiful Huon Valley for a whole year now. During that time we've discovered beautiful beaches, amazing old growth forests, magical caves, waterfalls, rainforest, mountains, quaint little country towns (which would definitely be known as villages if they were in England), and the paradisiacal Bruny Island. We've made some gorgeous friends with lovely people, and woven ourselves into the wonderful community centred on our school. Our veggie garden is bursting at the seams, our garden is rambling with flowers, and the rain is keeping everything green and growing. We've even started fixing up the children's cubby house, so they'll have their very own summer hideout.

After a year in Tasmania, we are so happy we made the decision to flee the heat and concrete of the city, and finally I am happier than ever that I crossed the world in the hope of a better life. I am grateful to say I have found it, and the best affirmation of that is watching my children run through the grass at home, chase the waves at the beach, delight in the wildlife all around them, and enjoy the friendships and the community we have found here. Their sparkling eyes, rosy cheeks, tangled hair and grazed knees say it all....!

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  1. I'm so thrilled it's all working out for you. I've just returned from a trip to Tasmania and this week since returning to gritty old inner-city Sydney been sooo homesick. It's a beast here! The humidity is terrible. We spent over a week in Stanley where Poets Cottage was originally formed. I'm now editing it so we have come full circle. Tasmania looked even more glorious than ever. It's like heaven there. I did visit my sister near Cygnet but only briefly for an afternoon. Hope all is well and the year is bringing you abundant harvest. I wrote a brief piece on my trip on my writing Blog under Home if you get a chance to read. xx